Sunday, July 31, 2011


Dechau was just north of Munich, about an hour's drive from Edelweiss.  Our visit there was very sad and solemn.  And we happened to be there on a very cold and rainy day--which mirrored every emotion that we felt.  Our tour lasted about three hours, and the majority of the tour took place outside.  Because it was so cold, our tour guide continually tried to rush through our outside segments, so that we could return inside and be more comfortable.  While we appreciated her consideration, the situation made the thought of all of those prisoners, being practically naked and out in the cold during the winter-months, even more heart-breaking. 

These building were administrative buildings; they contained the offices of the Nazi officers, as well as the rooms where the prisoners were recorded, received a number and traded their clothing and personal belongings for a prison uniform.
Below are replicas of the barracks.  Originally, there were 30 rows of barracks behind these two. 

The wood beams outline the spots where the original foundations were laid.

This is the desk where the prisoners initially checked in.  

This is our outstanding tour-guide, sharing with us how the numerous camps came into existence.  We were amazed at the vast number of prisoners recorded on the map.

A little while later, we walked to the crematorium.

These openings are where they inserted the gas into the showers.

And this is the other side of the openings.

This picture makes me think of this book. 

The memorial contains numerous pieces of artwork, created in memory of the countless prisoners. 

This memorial represents the numerous people that were held in the concentration camps.  The triangles represent the badges that were used to label them.

Visiting Dechau prompted us to watch Band of Brothers, which we are currently viewing via Netflixs.

Engraved in the main-gate is the phrase Arbeit Macht Frei, which translated means work sets you free.

So sad.  We learned so much,  but we left with heavy hearts.

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