Saturday, July 9, 2011

Date Day

I know that I haven't made much headway on our Europe trip, but I have to interrupt the slight flow to share my super special day with you. 

Jamie and I have been talking all week about visiting a big city this weekend, but as of last night we hadn't decided where to go or what to do.  When I woke up this morning he told me that, as soon as I could be ready, we would head to Oklahoma City to have the car serviced. 

After having the car serviced, he proceeded to fill the afternoon with all of the things that I've been wanting to do...

1.  Finding and exploring antique shops like this one.
2.  Browsing through numerous furniture stores on Reno Ave...looking for the perfect pieces to fill our home.  
3. Coffee and sweet treats.
4. The movie that I've been dying to that isn't playing in Lawton.  

It was such a sweet day and we had such a great time together.   He's so good to me.

P.S.  He just read this post and is insisting that I explain our cheesy picture.  Yes, we are in front of the movie theater snack bar...where we ate dinner...where we spent our week's grocery budget on popcorn, pizza and Diet Coke.  More often than I'd like to admit, even the thought of this scenario would have unraveled me.  I mean we were all the way in Oklahoma City...where is it basically a sin to eat anything that we can find in Lawton.  It's okay, judge me.  But though it's a constant struggle, I'm learning how to go with the flow.  And life's journey is so pleasant when I can just sit back and enjoy the ride. :) 

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  1. "where we spent our week's grocery budget on popcorn, pizza and Diet Coke" definitely made me laugh : )

    Almost every time David and I go on a date these days we also run an errand or two for the pure joy of not having to rush through, make sure Caleb hasn't figured out how to squirm out of the seat, etc. It may not sound romantic, but we always enjoy it! So glad you guys had a wonderful night in the big city : )