Monday, July 18, 2011

A Sentimental Lunch

While I'm on this sentimental kick, here's what I've been eating lately for lunch... (lately=every day)

My mom used to make these sandwiches for me all the time.  She even packed them for my lunch in daycare, and elementary school.  Back then, they weren't always nutritious and delicious.  Well, maybe they were...but they definitely weren't always cool.   

In daycare, my best friend's parents managed a small restaurant.  Every day, just before lunchtime, they would show up with white Styrofoam containers, filled with grilled cheese, hamburgers, french fries, and a pickle.  I was green with envy, and stuck with this... 

In grade-school, my sandwiches became a little more popular.  On multiple occasions, I traded my cucumbers for chocolate chip cookies.

But thanks to my mom, and her taste-bud training, now I can't seem to get enough of these yummy sandwiches.  Just in case you wanna know, the veggies on this sandwich are cucumber, onion, tomato, red bell-pepper and avocado.  Add some mayo, and salt & pepper, and you'll be in business.  And in my opinion, the sandwich is best on this bread.   

What's your favorite quick and healthy lunch?  I could use some new ideas. :)

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