Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Neuschwanstein Castle

When planning our trip to Europe, we considered going with a tour group.  After exploring our options, we decided against it as this tour wouldn't allow us to visit this sight, and that tour wouldn't allow us to visit that country; our bucket list was top priority on this trip.  We did have the option to book a day tour, through Edelweiss, so we decided to visit Neuschwanstein Castle with a bus-load of  
fellow military families. 

The castle was about an hour's drive from our hotel, but our tour guide provided ample adventure with numerous (and some random) stops along the way.

First Stop: A woodcarving gift-shop

Then, on to a church on a hill. 

The majority of our party went picture crazy inside of the church...while a service was going on.  Taking pictures, while prayers and confessions are taking place, is a bit out of my comfort-zone.  So we continued to wander...and we soon found something I am completely comfortable with...   


When we finally arrived at the base of the castle, we had to decide if we wanted to hike to the entrance, or take a horse and carriage.  We decided to hike. 

As you will soon see, there was heavy fog on the day of our visit.  The bridge below was supposed to offer us a spectacular view of the castle.  Unfortunately, we couldn't even see the outline of the fortress.  Fortunately, we knew that we'd be able to Google it if we ever wanted to see it again. 

Once we were much closer to the castle, we were able to make out its shape.  

 If I remember correctly, this castle was built for the in-laws.    

The story of Ludwig's castle was sad and somewhat mysterious.  We were asked not to take pictures of the inside decor.  If you are interested in knowing more about it, click on the link above...or Google it. :)   

While we were waiting for our tour of the inside of the castle, the fog began to lift.  Do you recognize this bridge? (It's the one with the spectacular view...)

I'm posing as Princess Aurora.

After seeing the castle, we were instructed to return to the bottom of the hill--for our group's lunch reservations.  Thankfully we had time to order a #2. 

The #2 was definitely one of my favorite eats in Germany.

And we made it to our rendezvous.  

 Jamie ate this.

 And I ate that.

Jamie was relieved to see that his wife wasn't "the only freak photographing food."  

As we boarded the bus bound for Edelweiss, the last bit of fog lifted.

And as we drove away, we hummed Alanis Morissette's famous tune...we=my prince and me.  How's that for a fairy-tale ending?  :)


  1. Oh, The Places We'll Go!


    You'll want to stay here forever!

  2. Oh, The Places We'll Go!


    You'll want to stay here forever!

  3. Oh, The Places We'll Go: Caradagh en Crimea !