Thursday, July 21, 2011

Google Reader

I know that Google + is in, and Google Reader is old news, but if you like to keep up with more than a couple of blogs/news sites, Google Reader can really make your life easier.  All you have to do is click on the link and, either sign in with Google or create an account.  At the top of your home page, there is a box where you can +add a subscription; this is where you type in (or copy and paste) the web address of a page that you want to follow. (Repeat this process until you have all of the pages that you would like to follow.)  Then, whenever you refresh your Google Reader page, it will automatically let you know which pages have been updated.  Isn't that awesome?  So no more going to every blessed page that you like to "follow," every time you have a few minutes.  I set Google Reader as my homepage, so that whenever I get online I can see what's been updated (this is crucial if you ever plan on winning one of Pioneer Woman's giveaways...).

Some of the blogs that I like to follow are...

The Pioneer Woman Cooks (and home schools, and gardens, and takes pictures, and makes confessions--she has like ten blogs, so visit her website to decide which ones you want to follow.)

Eat, Live, Run  I love this blog.  The recipes are wonderful, but not as heart-stopping as the ones created by Pioneer WomanMy rule of thumb is three ELR recipes for every one that I try from PW.  

Oh She Glows  This is another healthy living blog.  The recipes are a little more "out there," but I've definitely found a few that I have/will try.   

Copy Cat Chic  This blog compares furniture, and home items, that are exactly alike (or close!) but the price differences are usually astonishing.  It's fun to follow--especially if you're always looking for a great deal on home items. 

Being Fran(k)  This is a fun blog of a friend of a friend.  Fran recently became a flight attendant for Delta, and these are her adventures...

And between those, plus blogs of close friends, plus news-feeds, plus other blogs that I've stumbled across, I feel very connected--even out here in Oklahoma. (Which isn't really that bad...:)  But it's fun.  I'm constantly adding new subscriptions, and deleting subscriptions that no longer interest me.

So I hope that all of that might add some organization and fun to your life.  If you have any favorite time-saving tools, or blogs, please share!  And with that, I hope that you have a wonderful Thursday.

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