Monday, March 19, 2012

Jeremiah Jones Harmon

Once upon our lives, there was a little boy...

He kind of looked like the boy on the box of Life cereal. :)  

Except I thought he was cuter (he=Jeremiah)...

He was such a sweet little boy!

I loved capturing him and playing with him in my room.

And I loved working with him on school projects.  

Jeremiah was born right around the time we canceled our cable subscription...

which, as you can see, was perfect timing.

His fun-loving spirit has brought so many laughs to our family.

Jeremiah, you have so many gifts. 

 You are funny,

kind and personable,

 and you're really great at drama. :)

One of my favorite memories is working on Fish Tales with you.  
I'm so glad we had that special time together.

 And we still don't have cable...

so thank you for continuing to serve as our family's entertainment.

Happy Sweet Sixteen!!!  (We love you more than March Madness!)


Jamie & Laramie

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