Monday, January 30, 2012

A Girl...AND A Boy!

Dear Emma & Anthony,

11 years ago, one of you was a great surprise to many people.  Everyone could tell that mom had a baby in her belly, they just thought it was a really big baby.  Very few people suspected that she actually had two babies in her belly.  I was pretty excited to be in on the surprise, but I had promised to keep my lips sealed; I could hardly contain myself.  Dad had so much fun calling all of the extended family to tell them that our family had a new baby girl...and a baby boy.  :)

Even as little babies, you loved being together.  Mom put you in the same crib when you were teeny-tiny.  When you grew to be a little bit bigger, she put you in different cribs...but you didn't seem to like that as much.  We would go in to check on you in the mornings and, Emma, you would be in Anthony's crib; in the middle of the night, you had climbed out of your crib and into his.  

You did so many cute things together.  

She pushed....

 He pulled...

And at the end of the day, you were always there for each other.

Hot chocolate?  What hot chocolate? We haven't seen any hot chocolate.


and Emma...

Two peas in a pod.

Do you know how much joy you bring our family?

We have not one but two siblings who are beautiful, lively, smart, and not-lacking-in-any-personality.

Happy Birthday Emma & Anthony!


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  1. Laramie, what a great sister you are! This is so precious--just like your last birthday blog I read!

    Lois helms