Wednesday, June 29, 2011

How SWEET it visit Dallas...with Kaci!

This past weekend we visited The Ablutz Family in Dallas.  The invitation was so appreciated after spending two days in our new, but empty, house.  Yes, we were excited about the house, but after cleaning all day it was a little disappointing when we didn't even have a place to sit and relax.  We strategically left out sheets and comforters for the air-mattresses, but when bed time rolled around we realized that we strategically left that bag in Dowling Park.  We had to space our showers apart so that our limited supply of towels would be dry for the next person (eeewww, gross--I know), and I had the bright idea of buying cereal and milk...only to realize that I had plastic cups but had forgotten the spoons.  Yes, we were ready to visit friends and relax!

Kaci asked me what I wanted to do in Dallas.  I requested Sprinkles Cupcakes and shoe shopping.  Just for the record, my Dad lived in Dallas for a lot of I've already been to Reunion Tower, Dealey Plaza (the site of JFK's assassination), all of the major sports fields/arenas, and anything else you can think of.  (I just don't you to gasp and sigh over the fact that I choose Sprinkles Cupcakes and shoe shopping over the breadth of possibilities.)  Kaci, being the soul sister that she is, decided not only to take us to Sprinkles, but also to introduce us to her less-famous, favorite treat spots.  

Her instructions for the day: "Wear loose clothing and be ready to leave at 8:00am." 

0845: First Stop!

The specialty here was cake balls...they were really creamy and dense.  I've never tasted anything like them.  And I've eaten a lot of cake balls. 

Did I mention that this was Girl's Day Out?  We had so much fun.  The only thing missing was my mom...

Kaci & Lear...and you're probably thinking that Lear can't get any cuter.  But wait...

And that was breakfast...Now back to the car! 

Now just imagine with me...we just ate all of that sugar...and so early in the morning.  Our heads are spinning a little and our stomachs are aching.  I'm craving anything with a slice of pizza, or some bread and butter...anything.  But we have a schedule to keep, and Kaci as our guide.

Kaci doesn't play.   
1100:  Next Stop!

 Yes, this is what it looks like to be on a sugar high.  

They were every bit as good as I imagined they would be.  Mine was the coconut cupcake.  I want to try the other flavors, but I don't know that I can now that I've tried that one.  I think I'll always need to get the coconut cupcake...

*We did shop for a little bit between cake stops.  We were just really thankful to be shoe shopping and not swimsuit shopping.

1400: Final Stop of the day...

Isn't this place cute???  And they had every type of bundt cake that you can imagine.  We tried lemon, and bought a mini red velvet cake to take home to share with the boys.  The cakes were moist, like a rum cake--but without the rum.  I was so glad that we took this home though, because we were all beyond the point of really enjoying sweets.  And that's sad.

And this is how we felt...

And one last picture just because I can't get enough of Lear. 

It was the perfect Girl's Day Out.  Thank, Kaci!!!  I'm going to diet and exercise vigorously so that we can do it all over again...soon! :)

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