Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Reading List: Europe

My aunt (who spent a number of years in Europe) recommended that I study Rick Steves' website and materials before traveling.  His site has a lot of information without being overwhelming.  We are traveling to Paris, Garmisch-Partenkirchen & Amsterdam.  Steves' site includes links for the different countries/cities, with tips and highlights for each one.  Each link also has another link with recommended books to read, and films to watch, before visiting.  I didn't feel that his suggestions were extremely up-to-date, but it definitely gave me a springboard to work with.   

Wide-range and odd selection?  I've read some of these books before, some of them are new, and some I've known that I probably should read but have just been waiting for that extra motivation.  If you care to know my favorites after the trip, I'll be glad to share. :)  

P.S.  We just finished watching The Tourist--so good!  The setting was magical and the costumes couldn't have been better.  Now we have to go to Venice (but we already knew that...)

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