Friday, May 13, 2011

Packing Up

Our time in Columbus is coming to an end.  My internship is done and I've graduated!!!  My last official day at the middle school was April 22.  Since then I've spent most of my time planning our trip to Europe.  I'm very, very excited.  I'm just kicking myself that I haven't blogged more throughout the planning process.  I've already learned so much about the places we are going and just about traveling in general.  I thought about blogging.  I even went to the computer to blog.  But then I'd start reading all of the blogs that I'm following, and before I knew it my allotted blogging time was gone.  Whoops.  One of my favorite blogs is Eat, Live, Run.  On Mother's Day she listed ten things that her mom taught her.  Number four just added to my excitement.  I can't wait to see and experience new things.   

I've been wanting an SLR camera for a lllllooooonnnngggg time, and our upcoming trip to Europe made it a must.  One of my good friends loves photography/cameras and she recommended that we get Cannon Rebel (I don't know much about photography and wanted something fool-proof).  It arrived last night, just in time for the Sledgehammer Motorcycle Rodeo today (We're living quite the life up here at Ft. Benning, huh???).  It was fun.  :)  And I'm really excited about the camera. 

The Slow Race.  (And that's my hunny on the blue bike.)

1st Round...he won!

2nd Round...he a girl. :(  (In his defense, she did win this race.)