Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tyler Lane Harmon

It's hard to believe that sweet Tyler is turning 18 years old this year.  I know he's happy to be growing older, but I'm feeling a little sad that time is going by so quickly.  It seems like only yesterday that we were anxiously anticipating his birth.  

Tony and Mom hadn't found out if Jordan was going to be a boy or a girl, but they decided that they would find out with Tyler, so that we could plan.  Unfortunately for us, Tyler had his legs crossed; so we had to wait for him to surprise us in person.

Though I was hoping for a sister, I was happy to have another brother...  especially when Tyler agreed to let me dress him in my old dance costumes. (Did he have a choice???)

Tyler has always enjoyed being alone, and he's always been a thinker.  I have many memories of standing at the kitchen window, watching Tyler drive the toy John Deere tractor.  He'd hitch up the wagon, fill it with pine straw, and drive a little longer.  It should be no surprise to us that Tyler now has his own lawn business.  

One of my most memorable experiences with Tyler was when he stepped on a nail.  I heard a cry of pain, ran out to see what was the matter, saw the nail in his foot, and ran back into the house, screaming--leaving Tyler outside to fend for himself.  I'm sorry about that, Tyler!  Getting the nail out of us foot was pretty painful, for all of us :), but thankfully we have a nurse for a mom.  

The nail incident happened just a couple of weeks before Easter.  Tyler shared with us that he felt that God allowed the pain of the nail in the foot so that he could feel a little bit of what Jesus felt when He died on the cross for us.  Tyler, your sweet heart was so evident then, and I'll never forget you sharing that with us.

And now you're pursuing a life of sacrifice, as you train to help and protect others.  Thank you for your caring heart.  I'm so proud to be your sister. You're the "best brother ever."  :)  

 Happy 18th Birthday, Tyler!!!  

We love you!  

Laramie (& Jamie)

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  1. Another "LOVE"!!! Thanks for the sweet memories!!
    Love, Mom