Saturday, October 1, 2011

Pioneer Woman Favorites

This past week was busy.  We weren't home Monday evening, Tuesday evening, Wednesday evening, or Thursday evening.  So last night, we were excited to stay home.  And I was excited to finally cook our own dinner. 

I made Cajun Chicken Pasta, from The Pioneer Woman Cooks website.  Dinner was served at 8:30, but it was really good--worth the wait.  I made this Cajun Spice Mix, and I used whole wheat fettuccine--which I'm positive negated the unhealthiness of the heavy whipping cream.  I do think that next time I will use less chicken and add some Polish sausage and shrimp.  I also think that this recipe tied with Fancy Macaroni for my all-time favorite PW recipe....another recipe that I feel is healthy because I use whole wheat macaroni.  I've made Fancy Macaroni four times, and, one time, I forgot the goat cheese.  We love goat cheese, but we actually liked the dish better without it.

I would love to know if you've tried any PW recipes, and if so, which ones are your favorites.  There isn't enough butter in Comanche County for me to try them all myself.

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